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Southland lawyer James Andion is running for Congress as a Republican against California Assembly Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass in the race for the state’s 33rd United States Congressional District. Andion is an established businessman in Los Angeles.

The Republican candidate is looking to be elected to represent the district that covers Los Feliz and Silver Lake, mid-Wilshire, portions of South Central Los Angeles, as well as Culver City, and Ladera Heights.

“I want to provide a voice for restraint on government spending,” said Andion, who is described on his website as “a Reagan conservative.”

His campaign slogan is “Real Help for Real People,” and his goals, if elected, are to stimulate job growth by cutting government spending and balancing the federal budget. In addition, he looks to create more jobs in the 33rd District as well as in the industries of entertainment and construction. He opposes policies and laws that cause jobs to move out of Los Angeles and overseas.

Andion brings 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a lawyer to the office he is seeking.

During that time period, he has also served as creator and owner of the Mexican American Legal Services Center. His plans, should he win office, are to provide tax incentives for small business owners and to work with the immigration reform community, although he declined to name who he would specifically work with.

Andion also promotes his patriotism. “I will work for the protection of America. Our national security needs to be re-strengthened. Los Angeles is especially vulnerable. I will work to change that.”

The Republican candidate’s credentials are as follows:

  • Graduated from the University of Michigan Law School
  • Speaks fluent Spanish
  • Received the Fulbright Scholarship to study in Latin America (in Columbia in 1976)
  • Attorney at Law and a member of the California Bar Association
  • More than 20 years of experience assisting the Mexican, El Salvadoran and Guatemalan and Chinese communities
  • Former member of the Alameda Corridor Executive Committee, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
  • Former president of Kiwanis Club of Los Angeles
  • Nationally known for obtaining political asylum for those persecuted for their Christian beliefs